Saturday, October 07, 2006


下星期要到的地方 - 栃木県的那須高原, 竜頭ノ滝, 和戦場が原都開始有紅葉的踪影, 雖然天氣比較冷 (12-14℃), 但仍非常期待。

3月看過了櫻花, 10月又看紅葉 - 這樣揮霍也不算是罪過吧~
趁年輕的時候, 盡量將最美麗的境像都收入眼底, 不是很好嗎?
京都嵯峨嵐山, 大悲閣

saintvenus' stereo is playing:
側田 - '命硬'
X Japan - 'Sperion'


Teki Chan said...

No, not a guilty. No day but today, you should try your best to fill up your life of youth.

saintvenus said...

Thanks Teki-san. Will share my pics on this little blog and the flickr when I return. Wish me good luck!

Teki Chan said...


Sure, good luck. Share more pretty pictures, which I couldn't see in person.

saintvenus said...

you can go there later mar~

洋蔥頭 said...

I would suggest to get the fujifilm's DC rather than powershot if u want to be a cheap SLR-alike camera, as fujifilm's manual zoom ring is much better in texture.
5D is not suitable for u, u dun need that solid body, 400D or D70 will do.

saintvenus said...

Obviously many people are professional than I do in terms of photograhical skills! hehe~
want a new cam for taking photos on journey~
which one of the fujifilm's cam would you recommend?