Saturday, June 30, 2007


More evidences to prove my being.

This is my new fragrance.
And my new ring.

saintvenus' stereo is playing:
Mika - 'Lollipop'


Old Cake said...

Did you buy the stuffs after the pay-rise? If yes, you are celebrating already. J/K hehe

Life is all about survival.

Catherine 8 pu said...

Hey Venus 8 pu,
Today me also went shopping... i am going to make a new glasses with black flame, initially i want to make the MARC JACOBS one, but not too match my style so i decide not to make this one then.

Will email you when i have time ..
I will use my company email so if you can reply then it will be great.

Take care

saintvenus said...

餅兄 - 香水係加人工之前買0既, 戒指就之後~ 買下0野唔一定係慶祝嘛~ 只係用來減下壓。hehe~

至於你話"Life is all about survival."呢, 我都好同意, 尤其係今年我仲挺得住, 但又會諗,"咁, 下年呢?" 呢個世界永遠都係適者生存, 老闆覺得你唔適合就會請你另謀高就。至於何謂適合? 就係老闆話事。

我晌呢件事以半個關連者睇, 一係覺得, 駛唔駛玩到咁盡? 二就係有"他朝君體也(可能)相同"之憂。但第日係點, 都唔係我話事~

catherine 8pu - 你快0的post你0的戰利品出來畀我睇睇啦~

Catherine 8 pu said...

Hey Venus 8 pu,
nothing to show off la...
I didn't buy anything and i only make a new glasses, but i am not going to tell my mum and aunt until my birthday in October, as you know what they will say la..
anyway, this is not MARCS JACOBS but another brand, both are on sale- 60% off, the MARCS JACOBS one is $ 160 after discount, and the one i choose costs me $ 130, plus the lenses, totally costs me about $290.00 aus, you think expensive???

Hey, i plan to go with my parents to Japen next May, how much i have to spend roughly as you recommend?

Catherine 8 pu