Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hi from Wakayama / Shirahama

It's freezingly cold here in Shirahama (白浜) and Kii-Tanabe (紀伊田辺)... I guess now it's got 0-1℃ only, and I can hardly type!!! But still I think everything is pretty worthy because Wakayama (和歌山) is really a nice place. Let me die here please...

btw, there are tons of preserved plums and salty seafood around, cos Shirahama was a fishing village... even in every breath I take I sense the smell of salt...!

Thanks load to Va pig for helping to check my exam results for QP module A&C, which was released earlier today. I got a pass for both modules! Though I don't know why and don't think I deserve it, I welcome this 'success' with open arms~~ hehe

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Gazette - '堇'


allison said...

it's also very cold here in hk.... but all i see in the sky are clouds.... ME WANT HOLIDAY ARRRRRRR!!

congratulations for passing the two modules~~ :)

saintvenus said...

Alli - cherish your last summer holiday. Be patient, it's coming~~~

Enrico said...

i want a vacation like this in this year

i almost went to wakayama...can't imagine that it is such a good place