Saturday, November 04, 2006

Everyone I know is falling apart

I'm dead - 即撈 told me today he's going to resign, and more importantly, I have 90% of my work is under him... informally he's become my 'buddy' (or, 'bloody'). I can forsee that his work will be passed to PC狗, whom I think is an absolute slimeball...

即撈 said he "睇好我"... hope I can survive here without him...
I understand why 即撈 made this decision because he has long been ill-treated. I wholeheartedly wish him good luck.
東京都九段下, 靖國神社南門

Mr Lee is also leaving - he'll be assigned to London for 1yr. He has handed over his Fengshui setting (風水陣) to me~ all the best to him :p
Planning to take advantage of him if I'm going to visit London next yr.

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The Prodigy - 'Firestarter'
Kanye West - 'Through the wire'

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