Thursday, June 29, 2006


strange things constantly, and relentlessly, happen on me.
the latest one is, I plugged in the socket of my lamp (which hasn't been switched on after I left the dorm), and it exploded~ it gave out black smoke and sparkle, followed by a burn-out of fuse of my home~ yike~~~~ all the electrical appliances got off immediately~ (-_-")
what a disaster.

Today was even worse. I’ve bought a loaf of bread for breakfast. After I’ve bitten and swallowed a mouthful of it, a bug (alive) crawled out from the bread… yee… the bug was sort of mixture of roach and huge ant, it had about 1cm long~ (>w<")
(I'm not sure if I've eaten its companion~)
I just killed it and threw the bread away without hesitation~


saintvenus' stereo is playing:
A Fire Inside - 'Morning star'
Dir en grey - '脈'


大靚女 said...


saintvenus said...

大美人, 你快0的陪我去買戒指賀一賀佢啦~~~

成件事真係好詭異~~ (-_-")