Friday, July 14, 2006

Project Pilgrim

13 July 2006.
been to Coldplay's concert @Asia Expo with Mr. Lee. This is one of the best gig I've ever attended! The songs were fabulous and the special effects were fascinating as well.
Coldplay's songs are best-listening when u're alone at night, on a journey, or looking for a relieve.

我最愛那延綿的石子路, 和遍路上的濃綠樹蔭。
來到這裡, 有一種洗滌心靈的感覺。

it's a friday night - 9:22pm now, still in office!!! away for a dinner and come back to work afterwards!

from time to time please check if I'm still alive. would really appreciate it.

saintvenus' stereo is playing:
Coldplay - 'Yellow'
Luna Sea - 'Believe'


Teki Chan said...

I think your workplace is really good environment. I am so jealeous.

saintvenus said...

Perhaps I'm just a small fry and not qualified to be involved with the politics!

I'm always lucky enough to escape from those politics and therefore can concentrate on my work. I'm not saying gwai-los don't have politics but at least they respect people and the rules . that's also why I never work for chinese / asian.

Teki Chan said...

Yes, I agree with you. I know that GL (Gwai Lo) have politics. They actually play it more than Chinese people do.

However, they have rules of playing politics. As you said, they would respect people and understand the bottom-line. I tried to explain the idea of western office rules to my family and some of my friends but I was blamed by them.

That's why I am so jealous about you.

saintvenus said...

cos chineses / asians do not have much idea about rules. it's sad. but my office's gwai-los can be very sneaky. so in some ways my office may not be better than any others but just not that bad in terms of the politics and playing things~

スロ / Bernat said...

It's a shame that you have to pospone the trip to Japan....

too many things in this post hahahaha

saintvenus said...

basically it's a summary of what happened on me during the 2 weeks prior to the date I posted~

btw, I think I visit Japan too frequently and should force myself to see other parts of the world~

スロ / Bernat said...

Everybody should travel abroad, we need a broader vision of the world.

saintvenus said...

agree. I'm trying~

your latest msn pic is cute. will u use it on your blog?

スロ / Bernat said...

the owl?
yes i will use it lol you will see how hahahaha