Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fun in the sun

The coolest boat trip ever!!! We got a bunch of fun loving people and club music on the boat~

Nice view and nice weather!

We had a professional mini-cocktail bar!!! What a surprise~
Fuelled ourselves with alcohol!

Here's the drink list~ these guys are pretty professional!

My vodka lime.

Best menu for buffet on boat trip. There were Spanish style pork chop, filet of beef on skewer, cold cuts, stuffed melon with fresh prawns, roasted sirloin of beef, etc~ no stupid curry fishballs!!

The cold appetizers and salads.

Enjoyed a lot of suntan.

Feets - my purple nail polish and fredda's hairy feet, hoho~

Nice meat under the sun.

Meat again..... games on the beach.

Lovely dice~

My camera was drenched in water when I tried to get onto the speed boat... haiz
gotta buy a new one...

**Huge thanks to Pong and Angela for arranging everything~


エリー said...

oh you guys really had so much fun, a pity i couldn't join...

please organise another activity (no sea and water) soon!!

Morca said...

So you've back from the exam hell.

saintvenus said...

エリー - yesterday we were brainstorming too........ we may throw a cooking party / pot luck gathering next time!

Morca - yes I escaped from that hell~ phew~