Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A change of heart

I've completed the procedures and applications with the UK and HK government authorities and hope that the problem can be solved before I go back to HK. (cross finger)
These days the big-coke-lemon (i.e. trouble) has almost stressed me out.

St James's Park, London, United Kingdom

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Grace said...

Hope everything works out for you. *HUGS*

saintvenus said...

Thanks Gracie~ HUGS*1000

will tell you exactly what happened later. All I can tell now is, I lost my passport, phone and camera in London. So I was worried whether I could come back to HK (my parents don't know it till now). Been to the China Embassy for the procedures yesterday and hope that I can return to HK on time. Scary big coke lemon.

Teki Chan said...

Take it easy * 10,000.

My friend lost his luggage in a Spanish airport when he arrived. He was worried coz he had to take a bus to another airport (domestic). Unfortunately it was Winter and he wore in a summer dressing.

He is still alive. I wish we will have a BBQ together in October. Voice out anything u need help.

saintvenus said...

Thanks load Teki-san

Your friend's case is as bad as mine!!! Terrible.

Tmr I'll go to the China Embassy again and hopefully can get the documents I need. Will give you an update by then~~~

Teki Chan said...

According to my friend, the official bureaus are helpful but may not be fast enough if you are hurry. It is much better to get a hand from your local colleague.

Grace said...

Ms Wong, Can't wait to see you again!!!

Don't worry too much. Have some good rest when you are back.

saintvenus said...

Teki-san - Been to the Chinese Embassy for a few times and every time I heard ppl (mostly gwai-los) shouting to the official who takes care of the visa and passport applications. That one is not helpful but all the others are nice people.

My friend is helping me so everything is fine on my side at the mo. Thanks.

Gracie - Thanks. Look forward to seeing you.

喵喵 said...


saintvenus said...

Hi all,

I'm back and still pretty resillent. Will update you later~