Sunday, September 23, 2007

Big coke lemon

venus is in a super big-coke-lemon (i.e. trouble - lost her passport, phone and camera) at the mo in London. Without a passport she cannot return to HK...

What should she do??

British Airways London Eye, County Hall, Westminster Bridge Road, London, United Kingdom

I must offer my heartfelt thanks to Mr. Lee, Danny Fairweather, Jay and Desmond for their help at Leicester Square and Charing Cross last night (22 Sep 2007). Without them I might not be able to get through.

Seems good luck is coming back today. But still, London sucks!!!


Teki Chan said...

What a pretty wheel.

PS: Your boss should install a GPS transmitter in your body so that he could locate you.

Grace said...

Hong Kong is the best, huh?

P.S. I SMSed my bf everyday when I was in Europe.

saintvenus said...

teki - nah u're wrong. he should sent a team of assistants and bodyguards, plus a roll-royce with driver over to help me!!!

gracie - txt him already, will call again later.

Old Cake said...

^_^ Take care!

saintvenus said...

Old cake - thanks~~ hope I can come back on time~~~