Sunday, August 12, 2007

[reila] Lesson D.


saintvenus' stereo is playing:
Gazette - 'D.L.N.'


Teki Chan said...

Welcome back from work.

Is it a lotus in HK Park?

Old Cake said...

Welcome back!! ^_*

saintvenus said...

teki - just a short break from work, will have to struggle again~

the lotus pool is located outside HK, guess where I took this picture~

old cake - thanks load~ I'm fine. Will visit your place and listen to your nice songs!

Blog-derekfan said...

Pretty girl,

To say OK, 是但, or "give it a try" to temptation is easy.

Don't get along with a man with wife or family, you'll regret for life! Hope Boss Wong is not.

Life is an adventure of resisting temptation and the trophy is life with abundance & love! There are still many good men for smart girl! I'll stay tune to watch your next episode.

Bless You!
a passer-by

Old Cake said...

No rush.
The songs are always going to be there, Silly girl! Let's take your time and get some rest while you can.

saintvenus said...

Derek - hi & welcome to this blog. Don't worry, Boss Wong is not married!

Old cake - it's so sweet of you, hehe

北北 said...

唔! ^^

喵喵 said...

嗯! ^^