Monday, May 14, 2007

Quince paste

I used to have jam going with bread (rather than peanut butter) because jam has a special refreshness of fruit and also, a delicated texture.

Last time I made some rose petal jam and this time I got my-lazy-self a box of quice paste (membrillo).

Quince paste is a Spanish delicacy. Apparently it is a thick jelly made of overwhelmingly fragrant fruit called quince, which has honey and vanilla overtones. People usually pair quince paste with a Manchego or blue cheese to make it truly shines.

My breakfast on a lazy saturday - wheat bread covered by slices of quince paste and salted butter. Wholesome. My advice is, warm the bread beforehand and the butter should be frozen as icy cold, while the thick jam has to be cut in very thin slices - otherwise the taste would be too strong and becomes sour.


北北 said...


JELLY is made from fruit juice. Jelly is clear and firm enough to hold its shape.

JAM is made from a blend of crushed pieces of fruit and fruit puree.

PRESERVES contain whole or large pieces of fruit, making them thicker and more fruit-filled than jams or jellies.

MARMALADE is jelly with shreds of citrus fruit peel.

CONSERVES are jams made from a mixture of citrus fruits and can also include nuts.

FRUIT SPREAD/FRUIT BUTTERS are made from fruit pulp and sugar cooked together. There is no butter in fruit butter. The term may have developed to describe the appearance of the product or because it is a spread.

CHUTNEY/RELISH are flavorful, seasoned condiments with a consistency similar to jam. Chutney is typically made with fruits and relish is typically made with vegetables.

我北北只喜歡 Sugar Free (GRAPE JUICE used as sweetener) SPREAD or PRESERVES,1 Tbsp. 通常只有 10 Calories, 而普通的會有 50 Calories;

金星可能話 50 之嘛,但用Sugar Free就可以塗5大匙啦,㊣!

saintvenus said...

北北 - 我鍾意好rich咁好貪心咁食~ sugar free我又覺得ok喎, 最緊要係果陣果香味道!!!