Saturday, April 07, 2007

Cova Caffe-Ristorante

I had this lunch at Cova Caffe-Ristorante, in Alexandra House, Central.

Mixed salad with marinated sea bass and olives.
The sea bass was poached to medium done and seasoned with salt, black pepper, lemon juice and olive oil.

Risotto with Milan saffron and fresh green asparagus tips (Parmesan topped).
A very vegetarian dish. The risotto was cooked to al dente and carried a strong favour because of the Parmesan cheese and saffron.

Will go to Harlan's next time.

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喵妃 said...
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saintvenus said...

喵妃, 我都係識一兩個英文字仔, 好似咩salad同risotto咁, 根住就亂來~

唉我遇過好多騎呢仔都係帶我0的唔知咩地方, 唔一定要超豪超貴0既, 但起碼要味道ok囉~ 帶我去食雲吞麵果個我當時真係把幾火0架!!!

果隻貓貓係晌灣仔街市某雜貨店 (近恒生銀行) 影的, 超級乖, 撩佢摸佢都來者不拒0架~~ 好可愛~ 如果你行開果邊, 可以睇下佢

Yeung, Teki 's friend said...

I am afraid the risotto looks too dry, at least in the photo, and it seems more like lightly-fired rice. Risotto could be more shiny and creamy since it should be cooked by continously adding broth or olive oil.

So, what about the desert of the meal? How's it?

By the way, I am afraid it is quite difficult to find a restaurant having quality wonton noodle in nowaday Hong Kong. So, if some guys do made it and treat you delicious one, hopefully, you would appreciate and enjoy. :)

* P.S. It is surprising to see butter in the photo. Italian restaurants seldom serve butter for bread (French usually does that). it usually comes with olive oil and vinegar.

渣估 said...


請問你多唔多上你個 blogroll, 在「喵妃的貓窩」對上果個網頁呢?


saintvenus said...

報告渣老闆, 我上過1次咁大把~ 嘿嘿

saintvenus said...

yeung, 因為係用手機拍, 所以張相唔係咁靚, 放心個飯係ok的


喵妃 said...
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saintvenus said...

PornoTube 仲多0野睇呀... 嘿嘿~

laichungleung said...

Yes, the risotto does seem a bit on the dry side. Venetians like to have it served "All'onda" or "on the wave" almost like soup. Spaniards from Valencia believe their paella is the only "real" rice dish, at least in Europe, and risotto is only just some overcooked "rice with things." If the risotto doesn't taste good enough, just add more butter and Parmigiano Riggiano.

Or so I heard (from watching too much food tv or such).

Now go check out Cipriani Hong Kong and report back.

And keep up the high maintenance lunch thing.


喵妃 said...
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saintvenus said...

喵妃 - 記得同隻貓影下相~!

喵妃 said...
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Yun said...


"順帶一提: 如果晌偶面前狂食三文魚刺身, 又大叫好味, 偶亦一樣會‧判‧你‧死‧刑。"

This is also funny. Some people like to think that they like to eat "sushi/sashimi," but the only things that they had probably just salmon, tuna, & hamachi. C'mon, give me a break!

And... the French use butter; Italian use olive oil. Not just on the bread, also in their cookings. The both take pride of what they use. So it would weird to not provide olive oil in an Italian restaurant, or butter in French...