Saturday, January 27, 2007

Trois étoiles

Got a rating of 3 in the interim performance appraisal!!! yay~
the harvest time is coming!
But I must remember a 'number' is not the only way to value myself. Keep going!

asked 即撈 if he has any work to assign me as my work schedule will be empty in next week. He said he'll let me do a Due Diligence project.
as said in a previous post, 今次真係見即撈多過見自己老豆。
I will welcome this challenge with open arms, anyway.

鳥取県東伯郡北栄町由良宿, コナン大橋
氣溫3-4度, 微雨。雖說由良是一個'市', 走在街上, 整整一小時內竟然一個人也遇不到。

saintvenus' stereo is playing:
Suede - 'Trash'


Teki Chan said...

Due-D? listing project? Great.

When I was Year 3, my roommate was a boy who had not played any video game. However, he played it everynight after I installed SNES simulator in his computer.

saintvenus said...

not sure if it's related to a listing / to-be-listed company / IPO, the project is about investigation on the acquiree's background~
(everybody think I'm an auditor, but actually I work in the corp tax field! :D)

You've poisoned your roommate!

allison said...

due diligence... it reminds me of the painful experience i had during my intern...
i hate it.

saintvenus said...

Alli, you're more experienced in Due-D than I do~

Just worried if it will be double painful cos the 樓上 are 即撈 & Sa~ you know they love to revise revise & revise~

Look forward to see some content on your new blog. :D