Monday, July 02, 2012

more to come

This is a year of changes!

- New family members
- Lasik
- Dental surgery
- Fat pay rise
- Travelling
- Relationship
- Shift of roles at work

What else is waiting for me?

老土都要說句, 真是第一次可以用上'山明水秀'來形容一個地方! 連我最愛的日本也未曾得我如此形容! 但, 為什麼你們的首爾這麼像深圳!

saintvenus' stereo is playing:
Aiwa, Mr Tibbz & Admiral General Aladeen - 'The Next Episode [Explicit]'
Jalal Hamdaoui & Driver - 'Ila Nzour Nebra'
Jalal Hamdaoui & Cheb Rayan - 'Goulou L'Mama'
(all from original soundtrack of 'The Dictator')

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