Thursday, June 30, 2011

crazy June

This is a busy month, couldn't image I have accomplished a lot of things in this crazy June!

- Confirmed some main items for the 'big plan', now searching for the minor items~
- First time to study so hard for an exam, repaid my 'studying debt' in the past 2x years.
- As said above, I had an exam.
- Rushed for the Japan backlog at my desk.
- Finished the India work.
- Learnt some new technical knowledge.
- Finally, a fat pay rise today :)

London Millennium Footbridge, River Thames, City, London, UK
My camera suddenly got shorty.... this pic looks like a negative film!

saintvenus' stereo is playing:
Travie McCoy - 'Billionaire' (ft. Bruno Mars)
Fergie - 'Labels or Love'


Teki Chan said...

Oh... big plan for fortune? Congratulations!

saintvenus said...

Indiana Jones?