Thursday, August 14, 2008

退休 - 2

13:50 - 起床。
14:35 - 煮早餐: 從九龍城三友買的牛舌漢堡扒 (已調味), 煎熟了並配上英式芥辣。味道調校得不錯, 會再去光顧。
17:30 - 到找換店兌換些台幣。
17:45 - 到L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon的Salon de Thé吃下午茶。

Lime chocolate cake and regular coffee.

18:00 - 到Harvey Nichols隨便逛了一會。
20:15 - 到祖母家吃飯, 看奧運女子排球比賽。


saintvenus' stereo is playing:-
劉德華 - '暗裡著迷'


Teki Chan said...


saintvenus said...


Teki Chan said...

Actually there are various things in Taiwan. Northern Taiwan and Southern Taiwan are different.

Since you are Japan-freak, Southern Taiwan is more suitable for you. This is because Southern Taiwan preserves a lot built in Meiji Era.

Anyway, you'd go to Scotland to get your Travis. :P

saintvenus said...

I've been to Taiwan twice this year~ For the first time I've been to Taipei and Kaosiung, and was in Taipei for my second visit. The food and people were excellent.

I'm planning to go to UK again, perhaps I will spend some time in Scotland. :)

Morca said...


Chris said...


saintvenus said...

morca - you are right, I'm hea!!!

chris - sometimes it's not easy to do so, especifically when you are under a lot of pressure such as money, personal expectation and family... etc. That's why I really enjoy the luxury of having such leisure now.

allison said...

退休生活一日到黑都掛住食, 食完記得抹嘴ar!!

saintvenus said...

我唔係偷食又唔抹咀喎~ 哈