Sunday, June 22, 2008


事己至此, 我也不會再哭了。只覺得我不值得再留下來。

對於我的好朋友們, 你們給我的支持, 我實在是非常感激。
我的老闆盧經理, 那天聽我哭了兩個小時, 在我最軟弱的時候安慰我, 我只覺無以為報。
又, 我希望我哭著的臉沒有嚇壞他。

広島県廿日市市彌山, 瀬戸内海

saintvenus' stereo is playing:
Amy Winehouse - 'Wake up alone'


allison said...

babe, do what you think is right, and i shall be by your side, always.

Morca said...


Grace said...

They don't worth your tears!!! *HUGS*

saintvenus said...

sorry to make you guys worried, and thanks all of your kind words~~ I'll be strong to get through this.

laichungleung said...

Take it easy, it's summer time, take a break, cook something, do whatever. I am sure by the time you are reading this, this BS, from yours truly, you are feeling much better already.

Take care.

(On a lighter note, man, I so feel like to leave comment here, I feel like I can write in Japanese ... something I don't know anything about, I don't know what button to press below .... that's so exciting)

saintvenus said...

thank you~ I'm much better now and have decided to move on (though it's a difficult decision).

next time you can leave your comments in japanese~ but I can't guarantee whether I can respond in japanese, haha