Saturday, November 17, 2007

Armani Bar HK

辛勞過後, 我定會以美食來慰勞自己。
今趟選擇了Armani Bar HK。其實以頭一次來時點的 Artichoke ravioli, foie gras with cheese & cream sauce 最精彩 - 但很可惜, 沒有拍下照來。

Chestnut soup with cheese ravioli
Pumpkin gnocchi, cheese sauce, crispy prosciutto and sun-dried tomatoes
Stewed oxtail risotto

很多人看起來像好會挑吃, 很多人會寫食評, 但很少人會煮。會煮的, 又只有很少很少人會去煮得精緻一點。


渣估 said...

賣相唔錯! 味道如何?

趕完 deadline, 食番餐好既都好應該!

呢餐盧Sir 係咪出公數慰勞你架? :o)

saintvenus said...

第一餐就拍乸請0既, 今次就自己請自己!

盧經理請左我飲兩杯, 都算佢有0的人性

Teki Chan said...

言下之意, 下次你會煮番同樣水平既晚餐俾自己食?

saintvenus said...


Graham said...

all the best in your exam results, your work and the exam in the december :)

i suppose we should take more rest and shopping more as the next deadline is coming in january 2008

by the way, year-ended's stocktakes are killing people and it's physically challenging :p

good luck and all the best :)