Saturday, February 17, 2007


I ♡ clubbing♪

after the annual dinner, some of us went to the Club No.9 at The Galleria and got ourselves fuelled with alcohol. I even danced with 即撈, 安東尼, elvis & KOC!!! wow what a fun! crazy!

my new year resolution is to have more clubbing!
某人約好了, 在我3月旅行之前, 再去一次clubbing☆彡

果晚金小姐爛醉0既故事, 我之後果日先知。
其實我並唔討厭佢, at the very least she doesn't have any hidden agenda, although we think in very different ways. Anyway I wish her well.
Gold Souk, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Happy new year!!!

即撈又有好帶脅。佢同在下宣佈做完上次個due-diligence之後, 隨即畀多個更麻煩的due-diligence project (which is part of the IPO of a PRC firm) 畀在下。

點解0的人咁快, i mean 第一次拍拖/23,4歲就要plan定結婚, 儲首期? 喂大學畢業先果2,3年, 玩都未玩過就自我了斷先, 真係非常不可思議。

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Sergio Mendes - 'Let me' (feat. India Arie)
??? - '恭喜你' (clubbing remix)


Teki Chan said...


Yes, you are right. I have been invited for wedding banquets by my schoolmates since I graduated. You see, so many people have prepared their marriages during undergraduate period or even before.

saintvenus said...

Comparing to them, I seems like lacking of planning~ hahaha