Wednesday, December 06, 2006


栃木県日光市, 華嚴滝展望台

saintvenus' stereo is playing:
Nicolo Paganini - 'Violin concerto no.1 in D major. op.6' (feat. Hilary Hahn)
Louis Spohr - 'Violin concerto no.8 in A minor, op.47, "in modo di scena cantante"' (feat. Hilary Hahn)
Gazette - '十七歲'


Teki Chan said...

What do you think about your program? Do you recommend it to your friends?

Was the shopkeeper male? Your youth period seems everlasting :P

dosss said...


saintvenus said...

Teki - half of the programme is good but some of the professors are really (-_-")~ But overall it's good. This programme is suitable for people who can leave office on time!!! Cos it requires a lot of revision and self-preparation~

saintvenus said...

Dosss - Thanks for your suggestions. As you said it's not interesting to be involved, there will be terrible consequences otherwise~ you know nothing these people won't do if I provoke them, haha.

(p.s. I'm female~ :p)