Monday, January 16, 2006


The intersection point of Dubai Creek and the Arabian Gulf, Dubai, United Emirate of Arab

saintvenus' stereo is playing:
レミオロメン - '粉雪'
平井堅 - '瞳をとじて'


Teki said...

Have you read this comment?

I think the wonderful flash was made by this guy:


saintvenus said...

I've clicked the commentor's link before, still got no idea of who this person is, really!

so strange!

teki said...

Perhaps the commentor appreciated your beautiful photos and made the flash of them. Weblogs are open to the worldwide, everyone from everywhere can participate any blog.

OORANOS, would you mind to explain about it?

By the way. the style between the West and the East is different. The difference is more obvious when you work with PRC people or Taiwanese in an international company. You will find how similar the working style of PRC people and that of Taiwanese are. Perhaps it is a proof of why Taiwan should be reunited with the PRC (kidding :P).

Have you ever thought of working aboard? I am used to dreaming so. Although I haven't visited many cities, I have some idea about them:

香江, 花筒, 變幻無端
星州, 鳥籠, 卻在衝破
上海, 貴婦, 風韻猶在
南京, 少年, 慷慨激昂
廣州, 健兒, 著力爭先
台北, 師傅, 老態龍鍾
東京, 隸書, 整然有條
紐約, 行草, 包含並蓄